Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (6th Edition)



Author: John E. McMurry and David S. Ballantine
Genres: Chemistry
ISBN-10: 0136054501
File Type: PDF / eBook / eTextBook
Language: English

This best-seller bears the hallmark of all John McMurry?s books.  On style, it is concise and avoids the ?wordiness? of most GOB texts.  On substance, it is unusual in its balance of chemical concepts to explain the quantitative aspects of chemistry, and provides greater depth of insight into the theoretical chemical principles.  This makes for a wider spectrum of the different angles from which to view chemistry, and thus, captures a greater number of readers. With a focus on problem solving and engaging discussions of relevant applications, this volume effectively covers the essentials of allied health chemistry and puts it in the context of everyday life.

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