Food Microbiology An Introduction 3rd Edition



Author: Thomas J. Montville and Karl R. Matthews
Publisher: ASM Press
Genres: Medical
ISBN-10: 1555816363
File Type: PDF / eBook / eTextBook
Language: English

Authoritative coverage presented in a format designed to facilitate teaching and learning. The newly updated and expanded third edition. Includes expert perspectives on parasites, viruses and prions, and non-thermal processes. Incorporates instructors’ input to further clarify complex topics in the field of food microbiology. Encourages students to venture beyond memorization and think critically to gain a broader conceptual understanding of food microbiology and acquire the understanding and skills necessary to ensure the safety of tomorrow’s food supply. Presents explicit learning goals to focus students on the core principles of food microbiology. Introduces the genetics and molecular mechanisms important for the understanding of foodborne microbes.

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