An Introduction to Genetic Analysis 11th Edition



Author: Anthony J.F. Griffiths and Susan R. Wessler
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
Genres: Biology
ISBN-10: 1464109486
File Type: PDF / eBook / eTextbook
Language: English

With each edition, An Introduction to Genetic Analysis (IGA) evolves discovery by discovery with the world of genetic research, taking students from the foundations of Mendelian genetics to the latest findings and applications by focusing on the landmark experiments that define the field.
It has a more gradual introduction to classical genetic dissection, a new introduction to forward genetics and the role of genetic analysis in identifying traits of single-gene inheritance, a rewritten explanation of the use of chi-square analysis, and new genomic techniques like RNA-seq and exome sequencing and the ENCODE project. It updates discussion of epigenetics and chromatin remodeling and discusses genome surveillance.

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